Mission Statement

Under a joint-use agreement with the city of San Juan Capistrano and the Capistrano Unified School District, rink operator Michael Schwartz entered into contract to turn the Capo Sports Complex into a real deal roller hockey and sports facility. As a result the SJC Sports Rinks were born. Beginning in June of 2012 Michael quickly took action to turn the facility around and it is improving daily.

A Little Background on Mike

Mike’s hockey career was born under fire. At the young age of 18 he was put in charge of an ice and roller hockey rink in Huntington Beach called Side by Side. Despite having little experience in the sport, he was able to turn it from a failing rink into a successful facility providing top level programs.

Mike is a player, a coach, and a parent of 2 young boys who are quickly becoming top level players in their own right.

Mike and the rest of the team at SJC Sports Rinks are excited to bring the local community a top level facility. Stay tuned over the next few months, you’re in store of some thrilling changes!